Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis week we open up something with remarkable… if you can, watch this on a smartphone (and move your phone around) – Earth Encounter is a 360-degree virtual reality YouTube movie.

And while we’re on VR news, this should make any Star Wars fans weak at the knees. ILM is at it again!

Jurassic World has done what no other film has done before – taking $511 million on its worldwide opening weekend.

And how did Marvel take defeat? With pure class!Jurrassic World

Factical Set #1 – did you know that by 2019 80% of the Internet traffic will be online video?

Nothing new here, but it’s still  worth a look – check out this Transmedia 101 video by One 3 Productions.

Great news for Halo fans – Spielberg’s Halo TV series is still happening!!

This is super cool – check out this animated video of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth model of the eleven stages of the hero’s journey.

Is the Internet killing colleges? Edward Schlosser seems to think so – this is an interesting read.

Factical set #2 – SnapChat seems to be like marmite across Europe – only 40% of 16-19 yr olds accessed it last month in the UK.

This is another cool read – how brands have paid big bucks to get themselves in our favourite songs.

I find myself liking Taylor Schilling more and more – check out this great interview with Rolling Stone about her opinions on social media.

LegoCheck out how Transmedia made LEGO the most powerful brand in the world (as if it wasn’t already). This is a great case study too!

Can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Ultimate Marvel – however it was certainly one hell of an experiment.

Do you have Google Chrome – did you know about Google’s latest eavesdropping black box? Eerie…

This week’s list is a belter – 10 movies that influenced the work of David Lynch.

This is a funny but intriguing little article – the 5 stages of programming incompetence – any coders out there – this should sound familiar.

Let’s end on something interactive – checkout this World War 1 epic from the BBC.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs 





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