Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupStarting this week with one of the coolest student Transmedia pitches we’ve seen for a while – South Park should hire this guy – or we should…

This is quite a good read about Transmedia and ARGS (and not too academic either).

In Social TV – Pretty Little Liars has done it again! Returning the #1 among their target demographics. Some good data here too.

All of this is true – check out this presentation that highlights the importance of gamification in Social TV.

It’s good to see YouTube is focusing it’s attention on mobile.

The Netflix Cineplex – coming to a personal screen near you! This new model is mind blowing.

Speaking of Netflix – the wait is over and visitation hours are once again open in Litchfield Penitentiary… Some Orange is the New Black spoilers here…SO BE WARNED.OITNB

Facticals incoming – check out what UK and US teens are calling the ‘coolest social network’.

Can’t argue with this – Ted Hope explains why you shouldn’t hope your audiences come to your story –but  you should take your story to them.

This is an insightful interview with Lance Weiler about his vision of the future of storytelling – worth a read.

Also check out this interview with SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel on SnapChat’s future and diversity plans.

Is Spotify saving the music industry? The jury’s still out on that one… however this is one pretty convincing argument that suggests so.

Paramount is planning something big with the Transformers IP, and they even have a Transformers writer’s room to prove it.Transformers

This looks incredible! What an idea! Check out TIS-100 the assembly language programming game you never asked for.

Another great article from which documents the rise of indie rock and how it changed the world!

Multiscreen strategies can be the most effective form of marketing… but how do you do it effectively?

ILMAnd how do you tell a story when planning these multi-device strategies?

WIRED interviewed 43 of the best and brightest for a cracking oral history of Industrial Light and Magic.

Check out this awesome article on Orson Welles’s unfinished masterpiece.

Ready for your final awesome interview? Atari mastermind Nolan Bushnell talks about gaming’s reality!

Let’s finish on a little bit of psychology – are creative people more likely to engage in unethical behaviour?


“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it” – George Lucas



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