Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s kick this week off with an oral history of everyone’s favourite animation powerhouse – PIXAR.

Forget about the future of the TV industry for a moment… what about the future of the dreaded TV licence?

Lets jump straight into this week’s factical #1 – the future of DVD purchases looks very dark indeed

Any creatives out there, this is always worth considering – 10 reasons why you should make a web series – rather than an indie film.

It’s official! The Internet over takes TV for the amount of complaints about adverts!

Ah Silicon Valley – innovation, venture capitalists, island utopias, false promises and hypocrisy. It really does have it all.

This week’s techno battle features popular  heavy-weight hitters Apple and Google in the ongoing fight for mobile.

This is a great article that deconstructs video games for art (with one hell of a trippy case study by Leo Castaneda).

Speaking of games, art and creativity – check out these first 5 minutes of LEGO worlds – I can already hear teenage YouTube celebrities cracking their knuckles and drooling at the mouth.LEGO WORLDS

This is a great read – 3D filmmaking from the perspective of the world’s greatest auteur filmmakers – some VERY interesting ideas.

This is a nice interactive experience – sit back, relax and enjoy some very short interactive Haikus.

This week’s list comes in the form of comScore’s top UK digital properties – the more you know…

This is kinda dark (but yet very inspiring from a storytelling perspective) an interactive map of police killings in the USA.

Imaginary Friends looks like a good piece of interactive Transmedia for kids – only 19 days to go and back on Kickstarter.

Power REcordsI have to track some of these down – check out Marvel in the age of analog and the fantastic Power Records contribution to history.

Ever wanted to get involved in creating Virtual Reality? Well Google’s new Cardboard App has you covered.

Now time for something incredible – Google’s 360-degree android smartphone VR experience… almost enough to make me ditch the iPhone!

Let’s end the way we began; with another oral history. This time we’re getting dark and grungy – as we go back to early 90’s Seattle and look at Nirvana.


“It’s okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings” – Kurt Cobain.

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