Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupWe’re going to start with a story that is just as entertaining as it is CRAZY – the man who mailed himself to Australia.

And now onto business (the music business that is) in fact it just received a letter

I have to agree with this completely! Episodic video games are just as entertaining as episodic TV – and Life Is Strange looks awesome!

Wow, take this video games! One of funniest rant/ lists I’ve read for a while!

Stampy’s done it again – and this time he has YouTube’s backing. Check out everyone’s favourite Minecraft celebrity and his new show, Wonder Quest.

From digital games to physical – here’s the complete history of board gaming.

Any Studio Ghibli fans out there? Well I have a present for you… or maybe not (depending on where you stand)… The Miyazaki Theory (or a true Storyworld for our times…)!

ghibli_paradeFirst set of facticals for the week – and we ask the question how much of Yahoo traffic is mobile?

What’s this, a second helping of facticals (courtesy of Deloitte)? Check out why Millennials are the generation that just won’t spend on social media.

CW’s iZombie seems to have gone down well among viewers – this is a pretty good article that explains why.

The greatest motivational posters to ever come out of a fictional community college! You’re welcome Human Beings!Jeff Winger

And just because Lee wanted an excuse to mention his hero… here are some of the best Jeff Winger quotes to use in everyday life.

It’s the cinematic a war between Marvel and DC comics – I’ve gotta side with Marvel on this one.

This is interesting – check out how different cultures around the world tell stories.

What’s this, more facticals? Cool, here’s this weeks Social TV fix!

And while on the subject, local TV has recently been at the heart of conversation, for being years behind on it’s thinking, at least according to Anthony Rose.

It’s time for game developers to start thinking with platforms! Some good points made in this blog by James Moak.

This week’s list is another great one – some interactive finalists from the White River Indie Festival!

And just for good measure, check this fun (if a little intrusive) interactive documentary “Do Not Track“.

And to close this week, here are 9 classic childhood books that you absolutely must be re-read again as adults…


I don’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things” – Jeff Winger

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