Inside The Netflix TV Lab, And Just How Big Is No Man’s Sky?

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis is a fascinating area at the moment, how do you tell stories on mobile? Could SnapChat be the answer?

Moving back to our weekly “streaming war” update – YouTube now finds itself in a sticky situation.

Which brings us onto our #1 set of facticals for the week – who exactly IS winning the TV viewing war?

Nielsen is also trying to step up their game, with around the clock Twitter measurement.

In fact, why stop there? Just jump straight into factical set #2 as Nielsen explains what moves the Social TV needle.

But is it enough? Has TV simply outgrown Nielsen?

For everyone who has seen Max Mad: Fury Road you will remember this guy… for all those who haven’t – here is reason #834 to go and watch it… Today.

And also, Mad Max/Mario Cart mash-ups (Reason #834).MadMAx

This isn’t exactly ground breaking news, but here is a pretty damn good definition of Social TV – with some extra Social Television data to boot!

And the effects social media can have on a show speak for themselves… take the Mandy Project for example.

However, sometimes social media just isn’t enough to save a TV show… as proven with recent US show Constantine.

Have you seen what Netflix puts Smart TVs through to test functionality?

This summer’s TV line up sounds awesome – Check out the list.

This has been doing the rounds for a while now, but it still makes everyone who watches it laugh out loud. It’s a Game of Thrones bad lip-read!

Ever heard of Kerbal Space Program? Seems a bit out of my depth… I guess that’s why they play it at NASA!

And while on the subject of space based games, how do you build a Galaxy Sized Game?

In fact, No Man’s Sky is so massive that even the developers are losing control. They had to build virtual space probes!

No Mans Sky

And the final set of facticals this week – BizReport breaks down the two most important things to keep in mind when designing an app.

Some good Transmedia case studies here as Amie Mills maps the rise of Transmedia storytelling.

Fans of Twin Peaks will be happy to learn that David Lynch is again set to direct the upcoming series.

Has TV lost its way with family programming? – We certainty have our fair share of adult themed drama, but what about wholesome family viewing?

Let’s close with a bit of science, and ask the question “what would you see in a black hole?”


“Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your home” – David Frost

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