Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupVirtual reality is really taking hold of the filmmaking industry – and this fantastic TED talk by Chris Milk explains why.

From virtual reality to fluid reality, check out TStoryteller’s breakdown of the digital elements that are helping to shape reality.

In fact, Virtual Reality could even start to shape social media.

And, foraspiring VR game producers, check out these tips from Patrick O’Luanaigh at nDreams studio.

Moving onto a bit of AAA gaming hypocrisy … Big games on big business and GTA is once again in the cross hairs.

This is a great read – the question is simple, the answer is not. Are video games better off without characters?

This is some pretty interesting news from channel 4 – who are currently looking to developing mobile games.

And finally, we have three words that should have every gamer excited: Star Wars Battlefront!Battlefront

It’s Netflix Vs. Amazon for battle of the content… is there anyone Netflix ISN’T in battle with anymore?

Still, with membership numbers like these, it’s easy to see why everyone wants a piece of Netflix…

Have you ever wondered just how long a “TV marathon” actually is?

Interesting news in Social Television as Hootsuite has teamed up with Tagboard to bridge the gap between TV and second screen.

Which leads us nicely into our next set of facticals, as more and more people are moving away from TV and more to their devices.

This is damn good question; when will original Social TV formats triumph?

The Avengers has done it again! Age of Ultron has (as we expected) become the highest grossing opening superhero film in UK box office history.

Avengers Age of Ulton

Reality TV is like marmite, you love it or hate it. But, there is no denying its potential as a format… check out the reality – of reality TV.

And for Bellyfeel’s favourite radio drama – check out the secrets of Serial’s incredible success.

It’s one of the most understated jobs in filmmaking – yet one of the most important – the art of Foley.

Do you know the psychology behind Transmedia and multiplatform delivery? If not, check out this interesting slideshare.

Finally, to close on something pretty incredible – check out what 160 hours, some Lego, and a copy of the Matrix film can accomplish.


“Virtual Reality is a machine that makes us more human” – Chris Milk

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