Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s kick off this week’s BRU with a bit of drama – the kind that not even soaps can contend with.

Speaking of drama – get ready to watch the next show- you’ll love to hate… but still watch.

Have you ever considered the psychology behind Alice in Wonderland? This is a fascinating article – well worth the read.

Virtual Reality is picking up steam, and this article gives a much clearer idea of where it’s going.

Check out this hugely entertaining interview with Robert Kirkman, as he discusses Creator Activism as well as his journey as a pop culture God.

Comic fans rejoice! Marvel has undertaken a super-heroic undertaking – to organize all of their characters across all of their universes.

PortalHere is a nice Transmedia case study surrounding one of the most influential games of all time – Portal.

This weeks list is a little different. Check out these top 10 informative visual storytelling projects from around the web.

My God are we looking at an end to digital blocking across borders?

Ever dreamed of being a musical wizard or making a life out of music? Then this article is for you as new research suggest ways to make it happen.

Was there more to Atari then met the eye? Check out why classic Atari games were much more impressive than you thought.

In some Halo news – this article (and video) breaks down some rumours and campaign details halo-5-guardians-visual-id-teaser-1920x1080-81d61a07017644d4ad00a3cc411f9f99about the Halo storyworld and the upcoming game.

It’s time to ask that big question again… Just what exactly is Big Data?

Vince Gilligan says likes to reward his fans… and even drops a few hints as to where Better Call Saul is going next.

Finally, let’s end this Bellyfeel Round Up on a mystery… A puzzle that, seemingly, cannot be solved – the game is “Do Not Believe His Lies” and the challenge is yours.


“Life doesn’t imitate art – it imitates bad television” – Woody Allen



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