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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars - hard to beat on Social TVPretty Little Liars currently holds a record that no other show has ever held – It remains as Twitter’s #1 scripted TV series of all time and takes the top 5 leaderboard spots for the most tweeted scripted TV episodes (taking the top 2 spots in 2014 alone). Since debuting in 2010, broadcasting 120 episodes to date, Pretty Little Liars has generated 103.4 million tweets according to Nielsen and Bythenumbers. (I think that number is low actually…)



Scandal Using Twitter, US political drama ‘Scandal’ gained 3 million viewers during its third season in 2014 (up from season 2) according to Nielsen. Show producers created a Twitter campaign around the Hashtag #ScandalRecruitment, and asked fans to share content to convince their friends to watch the show.  This Hashtag saw over 10,000 tweets per day and in total the campaign generated 36.4 million impressions according to Twitter.



EmpireUS musical Drama ‘Empire’ has recently made its mark on Twitter. The cast and crew frequently gathered to watch the live broadcast and chat and interact on Twitter. The season finale alone generated 2.39 million tweets across 497,000 unique authors generating 112 million Twitter impressions.



SuperbowlThe Superbowl is one of the most viewed sporting events in history and as a result sees a huge amount of Twitter activity every year. During the 2015 Superbowl 28.4 million tweets were posted online up 14% from 24.9 million in 2014 and 24.1 million in 2013 according to Twitter.


World Cup

World CupThe 2014 World Cup saw over 350 million users submit over 3 billion posts on Facebook according to Biz Report. On Twitter, a match between Germany vs. Brazil generated 35.6 million tweets setting a record for any football match in history according Twitter. The World Cup Final reached a height of 618,725 tweets per minute – another record for the social network at the time (10,000 Tweets p/second according to the BBC).


Brit Awards

Brit AwardsIn 2014 the Brit Awards, a popular UK live music event, broke the record for the most tweeted about live UK TV broadcast with a total of 4,147,936, and an average of 355 Tweets per Second according to SecondSync.


Phew  –– ! those stats are great!

They are mostly from the US but the Brit Awards are doing well in there too…

Social TV is a fascinating new area of modern media – and certainly much more of a pull for the audience than Transmedia or other so called “interactivity”.


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