Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupIt’s been too long since we started with a Game of Thrones article – so let’s check out these dark hidden prophecies that shape the Westeros Storyworld.

Let’s not stop there, in light of the recent season 5 return, have look at this oral history of HBO’s, GoT success.

There’s a new social media app on the rise – and it’s already starting to take the world by storm… it’s called Periscope.

But for all its positive potential, it seems to have it’s fair share of negative potential too (with a nice Game of Thrones case study).

We’re also happy to announce that CW’s Arrow and The Flash have made the Shareablee Social Scorecard top 10…Arrow:Flash

There’s also a rumour that Twitter is losing STV ground to Facebook – let’s hope it picks up some momentum again soon.

For gamers who own the Apple watch – we have a treat for you, and it comes in Twitter size chunks – it’s called Runeblade.

This could be awesome! Google is taking a stance against online spoilers!

It’s finally time for mobile to take the lead as the main screen – at least that’s what Eric Scherer explains in this cracking article.

Check out this interview with Transmedia champion Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner, as he talks Transmedia and Starwars!

Traditional TV viewing for tweens is dead… Not dying. Dead! Title says it all doesn’t it?

And the undisputed king of online entertainment (especially in the realm of video games) is Rooster Teeth – and they now they have a movie!

It’s the revenge of the record company – as the big three labels may have found a way to take back their grip on the music industry.

Ever wonder what life after music is like? Well Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz gives us some idea in this pretty personal interview.

Video Game High School (VGHS) has also been making news of late – and could well be the future of Indi-TV.


Always a hotly contested topic – game informer looks into the need for more female leads in videogames.

This is pretty inspiring – learn how 17-year-old Laimonas Mileska earned over $100,000 making video games.

And finally in video game news, Guitar Hero is making its rock and roll come back – and it looks AWESOME… Bye bye free time.

In Transmedia news Kill Me Three Times has launched with a Transmedia experience that includes, email, SMS, video and phone calls. (Didn’t work so well in the UK – Ed)

And that’s not all… check out these fantastic Transmedia experiences centered around comics books!


“Everyone knows that content consumption has moved to YouTube, online and mobile.” Brian Robbins



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