Daredevil on Netflix and The Lighthouse Painting on iTunes

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupOpening this week with the ultimate question – can video games be films?

Are you a coder wanting to make games? Well good news, here are some tips to help you get it done!

Even Disney is getting stuck in helping developers create interactive games.

Nintendo, however, seems to be falling further behind the PS4 and XONE – check out their plans going forward and their possible use of mobile service.

It seems there is another audio drama taking the Transmedia world by storm. Check out The Lighthouse Painting on iTunes for free.tlp_cover

So, the war between Netflix and HBO is getting hotter by the day… HBO strikes back!

Ready for some facticals? Apparently Brits don’t really care about wearable tech – but love the idea of a smart home.

Forget smart home for a second… what about a ‘smart city’?

Brands need Millennials more then any other demographic… why? Find out here.

It may not be all doom and gloom for the music industry, could this be the year it turns itself around?

This is a pretty interesting article by re/code, which assesses the way we consume and view video online.

daredevil-posterThe wait is over and Daredevil is finally on Netflix! He may be a comic hero but this is NOT for kids… Still fantastic for adults though.

SnapChat TV is quickly taking a hold on the young, with their new “Discover” feature.

Still unsure about SnapChat – you’re not alone, but maybe this article will sway you.

Ever wondered how to get millions of people to download your app with free marketing? This is a pretty amazing case study.

We’re doing it again… invading the US with great stories – this time with Henry VIII.

It’s a pretty exciting time for documentaries too – check out great docs that came out last year – and what to look forward to in the future.

Time for the last set of facticals this week – it seems messaging is the #1 way to communicate these days… Shocker!

This weeks list is a special one – to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall here are 25 of the best films to come from the new east.


“Cellphones tend to bring us more inside of our lives whereas movies offer a chance to escape, so there are two competing forces.” – Steven Spielberg 


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