Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupGreat news for Titanfall fans who happen to be PS4 owners! Looks like Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform...

Just don’t tell your under age kids about it (or even worse their teachers).

Minecraft is always a safe option for kids – and here are some impressive numbers behind the game.

And for those of you who are ready to expand your gaming experience beyond the console, here are some pretty interesting (and beneficial) facts about RPGs.

In a slightly related topic I can’t say I agree entirely with Urquhart’s point’s about D&D – but each to their own.

Factical time! Millennials and mobiles – do they ever put them down?

PLLPretty Little Liars has done it again on Twitter.

However PLL aren’t the only game in town, and once again Empire has shown that it can be a force to be reckoned with on Twitter.

Your life is the new interactive screen, and you are the story – are we really so far away from this?

Gamer Gate is back… and this time they are going after comics! This is getting out of hand.

It seems Facebook has really found it’s match when it comes to Millennials attention… Congrats YouTube!

Of course it’s largely due to people like this that YouTube has such a stronghold on Millennials.

Has Transmedia finally found it’s place in the world of interactive entertainment? That’s certainly the feeling after SXSW 2015.

Of course there’s always a counter argument… hopefully it’s just a temporary plateau.

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Poster-CropGame of Thrones is going for a world record… But we’re not a part of it in the UK. It’s always the things you love that hurt you most…

This week’s list is a belter! Some of the best Transmedia storytelling and gamification vids on YouTube.

In your final factical segment this week, it seems that 40% of malicious apps are developed in the US.

We are currently a part of a revolution; the software revolution…  and it feels good!

Are you in a creative rut? Find creative inspiration the Beethoven way – it’s good to know I’m walking the right path (pun intended).


“Nothing is more intolerable than to have admit to yourself your own errors.” Ludwig van Beethoven

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