Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start this week with some Star Wars… and the new Expanded Universe. What’s your take on the new approach?

Millenium Falcon!

Lots of Social TV this week – starting with how Nielsen is measuring the evolution of STV

And how Social TV can prove just how engaged a viewer is while watching a TV show.

And it’s not just Nielsen who’s all over this. Are TV bosses starting to see the light? Some nice facticals here!

In fact Twitter are coming up with some very interesting Social TV ideas – like the Twitter TV Timeline.

Plus, here is pretty cool article about the rise of ‘Participation TV’.

Although, perhaps social media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Sticking on the social media theme, did you know social media is expected to influence around a third of Millennials when it comes to voting?

And just to give you more factical goodness – Pinterest is expected to top 100 million users by 2018!

And finally, Miranda July has created a new social app check it out – it’s…different.

minecraftThis is equal parts hilarious and bat s**t crazy – Minecraft may be banned in Turkey.

The battle rages on – Netflix vs. Cable for Millennial’s attention – here are your next load of Facticals – use them wisely.

Video game engines have always been at the heart of video game development – but are they now influencing the future of film and architecture too?

And of course we couldn’t have a BRU without mentioning the recent BAFTA video game results – congrats to Destiny.

BAFTA GAMESNot sold on the whole “Interactive Documentary” thing – well this checklist of fantastic interactive docs will sort you out – some belters here.

Google X – it’s the mad science division that is developing the “Project Loon” – and it’s going to change the world

The BBC is once again trying to embrace the Internet – check out this informative article about the BBC in the Internet era.

Then read this review of British film X+Y – written by an actual mathematical olympian. Despite it’s flaws – I still want to see it.

Given the time of the year it seems like a good opportunity to post the history of South by Southwest Interactive – this is a good read.



“Most people are awaiting Virtual Reality; I’m awaiting virtuous reality” – Eli Khamarov



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