Pixels and Some Hotly Contested Arguments

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet’s start off with something totally random, viral and absolutely hilarious.

It’s a hotly contested argument in the Social TV world, but check out how Nielsen is measuring the evolution of STV in relation with TV viewing figures.

Social Media is certainly having an affect on late night American comedy sketches as the Tonight Show may have found it’s secret weapon.

And it’s not just TV that Social media has its claws around. This is a cool article, which touches on Social Media’s influence on horror films.


Well that’s, that then – Empire has officially gone down in Social TV history!

In fact, could Social Media be outright killing Hollywood and it’s celebrities?

Ready for some facticals – make way for programmatic TV advertising as more and more advertisers are looking towards programmatic TV.

This is always a good thing to read on those days your Indie-Transmedia projects seem a little “lacklustre”.

Maybe it’s not all doom and gloom for kids and multi-platform stories

And why stop there? Should we change the entire educational system to allow for more technology in classrooms?

Which brings us onto another hotly contested argument! Is your iPad stunting your child’s social and emotional development?

This next set of facticals should come as no surprise – to anyone…

walking-dead-comic-coverRobert Kirkman has once again let loose on his ambition to fight against traditional business models for popular media IP – setting his sights on TV and Games.

Forget the Internet of Things this week; it’s time to look at some of the worst ‘Internet Things‘.

Are their sharing habits finally catching up to them? Teens are finally getting tired of having their lives shared online… A bit late to regret it now.

Ever wondered what keeps the Internet powered up (and instant, world wide, messaging possible)? This is incredible.

I can’t say this surprises me – it’s the ever-blurring boundaries between First Person Shooters and army recruitment. It was bound to happen eventually.

Ready for some more TV facticals? This article from Informitv.com is bursting with great binge watching and VOD data!

Do you want to read a great list – the top 50 films of the last decade should do the trick.

I honestly don’t know if I’m excited for Pixels or if I’m dreading it – here, see what you think…



“Twitter is for loving people you’ve never met, and Facebook is for hating people you’ve always known.” – Jon Bois


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