An Internet of Things Starter Kit and some Transmedia Super Shows

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis week, we’re gonna start BRU off with a trip to Silicon Valley, for some controversy.

Check out this terrifying social media prediction from the Rockford Files… Which came true!

Watch this interesting interview with Facebook Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox who among other things talks about the need to increase the newsfeed relevance on Facebook.

On the Social TV side of things, London based Soap ‘EastEnders’, became the most viewed (and tweeted about) soap in history last week with more then a million Tweets.

And that’s not all; Hollyoaks is also getting the Social TV treatment with a new second screen experience and interactive post-show content.

Ready for some factical goodness? It seems SnapChat has more to offer then just pics; check out it’s potential in advertising. Some interests stats.

And while you’re filling your boots on facticals – have a look at what people are talking about in terms of the next big smart device topic.

In Transmedia news (prepare to be excited) Lionsgate and Tell-Tale Games have joined to together to create some ‘Transmedia Super Shows’.

We all love a good ARG – but they can be really hard to spot early. Not this time – check out Tim Kring’s latest masterpiece ahead of his new show “Dig”.

Here’s a great article from MIT and their breakdown of the top 10 technological breakthroughs in the last few months – it’s good to see Social TV made the list!

If there’s one area of TV we’re big on at the moment it’s second screen. Here is a very detailed breakdown of the Evolution of TV across screens.

This is brilliant… Ladies and Gentlemen, Re-introducing the games cartridge

Netflix vs. Comcast and one Tweet to rule them all – this is how you prove a point!

So by now you will of heard of the Internet of Things. But not to worry if you’re unsure how to use it… now there’s a starter kit!

Simulators are seeing a phenomenal rise in recent years, and this review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 explains the appeal.

And, not to finish on a sad note, but a respectful one… I think we all felt this one. Live Long and Prosper Spock!


“Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…human” – James T Kirk


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