Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupMadonna, queen of pop media but down right jester of Social Media, this is a funny read (unless you’re an obsessive Madonna fan).

Streaming music… we all do it. And everyone has an opinion on it’s effects on the music Biz. But this case study of Father John Misty and his streaming alternative is just brilliant.

However, it seems the fall of the music biz isn’t entirely due to streaming, or at least, not according to Nielsen’s recent music report.

Moving onto Social TV, there’s a battle “bru”-ing (see what I did there) between Twitter, the undisputed champion of STV and Tumblr, the hard nosed underdog.

Who wins? Well the TV show does of course… and this article from explains the importance of social interactions for TV.

Of course, there is always a counter argument; maybe, word of mouth is still the best method to lift views?

But wait, who’s this coming in from the side with a new social media TV show? Why it’s Facebook of course, and they’re teaming up with millennial favorite HLN.

Psst, wanna hear a factical? Facebook is closing in quickly on 1 billion MOBILE users worldwide… and of course it’s only going to get bigger.

What about Social Video, how will Facebook fare up against such powerhouses as YouTube for views? Well, this article by Forbes outlines 5 major predictions for social video in 2015.

I can’t say this surprises me, but I just don’t see it changing the world… not yet anyway. It’s VR and it has taken a hold of the Sundance festival.

Netflix is at it again; this time they’re looking to UHD content and they’ve accelerated there worldwide expansion into 200 countries.

But’s not only Netflix that has big plans to produce content, Amazon Prime is aiming to produce 12 indie films, set for theatrical release.

It’s always nice to throw some Game of Thrones into a Bellyfeel Round Up, even better if it’s a Transmedia case study, check out this interview with Robert Pratten at Tstoryteller and his work on 19 Reinos.

We’re all quite excited around here at the prospect of the Internet of Things, but this is something that no one can really argue with

I usually find myself agreeing with most things that Peter Molyneux says, so when he spoke about the HoloLens, I couldn’t help but take notice.

Finally, wrapping up with some more 2015 predictions – the future of digital screen trends.


“The first million words are the hardest.” – Francis Hamit


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