Letters From Saul Goodman and Other Modern Audience Missives

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupFirst up in our weekly round-up, it’s the much-debated Google HoloLens, and why it’s everything the GoogleGlass was not.

And that’s not all, VR is officially here, and Sundance filmmakers are already seeing an interactive future.

Speaking of the recent Sundance festival, check out this iPhone feature “Tangerine” – incredible!

28.4 Million – That’s the amount of Tweets sent during Superbowl (which broke social media records). I think we all saw this coming.

While on the Superbowl – check out this massively controversial advert that got pulled due to uproar on social media. Maybe you were one of the offended?

They’re calling it a Social Media touchdown, but here’s a question, will Twitter even be around this time in three years?

This article from WIRED expands this questions basically asking the question, is Twitter too niche?

Moving back to Social TV data, what is Hollywood doing with this data to reach audiences? This article from variety.com has the answers…

The global market for Social TV is projected to reach $262 billion by 2020, and the reason, apparently, is due to the rise of second screen devices.

Moving onto some millennial facticals – only 46% of Millennials watch linear TV monthly… As a millennial myself, that seems pretty accurate.

It was bound to happen eventually, as teens say “good bye Facebook” and “Hello Instagram” (which is owned by Facebook).

Original in-house content seems to be the way forward recently, and SnapChat wants in!

This is a great article on thisistransmedia.com, which asks “what happens when the platforms you use to tell a story go away”?

Speaking of Transmedia – this article by fastcocreate breaks down “INFEX” one of the coolest Transmedia graphic novel apps to date.

Apps are of course rising quickly, due, in part, to their extreme portability.

In the light of new technology habits and changes, the BBC is re-thinking it’s future, here are some of the major points from it’s 46-page report.

At time of writing this BRU, episode 101 of “Better Call Saul” is only a few hours away from being up on Netflix; for those who haven’t seen this, here are some letters from the man himself.

And of course some of Mr. Goodman’s greatest quotes from Breaking Bad.

In rare UK politics news, it seems the Tories have found their new secret weapon… Facebook.

It was the Mockumentary that started it all… But have you ever seen the 20-minute pitch film? Forget ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, this is “The Final Tour

Finally, check out all the BAFTA winners on the official BAFTA Tumblr page.


“[Broadcast is] kind of like the horse… [it] was good until we had the car” – Reed Hastings


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