Social Media Predictions for 2015 Plus Lots of Facticals

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking things off with some Twitter and Social TV. Why Twitter users love to watch and tweet.

One of the most popular genres for social media interaction is live sport, so here are some of the top Social TV Sport infographics from the last few years on Pinterest.

It seems Pretty Little Liars is back to dominate Social TV, this time it’s using Snapchat!

In fact, according to Nielsen, Twitter could actually increase TV premiere audience sizes; through anticipating existing audiences sizes and using carefully planned Twitter promotions. (Ed – not could increase – will increase…)

And for the social media obsessives among you, here are 9 social media trends to look out for in 2015.

Moving onto games, this is a great article by WIRED which addresses the importance of ‘freedom’ in video games and the interesting effect it has on us gamers.

This report from shines a light on some of the current trends with kids under the age of 16. Bet you can’t guess what they are…

And, as a nice Segway into some mobile statics, here’s an interesting fact; mobile game revenue is set to overtake consoles games, this year. You can’t stop progress.

And, since we’re on a roll… here’s another factical for you. 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile.

While on the topic of mobile, this article by details the rise in texting habits between family members and the impact it has on our day to day lives.

Understanding your Transmedia audience is crucial. In this article by Nuno Bernardo, he correctly points out, what works for one project may not work for another.

Innovations at Apple (among others) are having a negative effect on the Technology business culture in America, as this interview on examines.

Second screen media: the great distraction. Some great facticals within this article from The Guardian, such as: Multi-screening is the new norm with 77% of consumers watching TV while on other devices.

In film news, here is the ultimate list of films that could change the way you think about life. I have to go with Fight Club as the best… and not just because it’s one of my favourite films.

Finally, to close this week, check out the fax machine of the future, seriously this is crazy!


“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet” – Douglas Adams


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