A New Era In Digital Music and a Teenage Opinion on Social Media

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupHappy New Year from BRU! And what a first week back it’s been…

So, what developments can we expect from 2015? Informitv.com holds the answers.

Check out this interview with Russell Simmons about a new era in the music industry.

And while on the subject of music, ever wondered what the most used musical sequence in the world is?

Jeez, remember 2014? So last year… check out the top 20 defining moments for digital music in 2014.

With The Walking Dead off the air for another whole month, this excellent review of The Walking Dead Game should keep you going for just a little longer.

New year, new case studies; check out this interesting article which aims to define Transmedia, with some great examples including Secret Cinema.

Moving onto social media… do you know when you may have had too much exposure? Here are some tips on how to spot it.

This is cool, an actual teenager giving an actual breakdown on the most popular social media sites. Bye Facebook.

Going back to 2014 again, here are the 8 winners and losers in social media from a year gone by.

So Social TV may not have quite hit it’s peak, but it looks like ‘Social Hollywood’ is about to take off.

Technology and social media plays a big part in our lives, but it also plays a role in the lives in fictional characters. Theprovince.com is on hand to explain how and why.

And what does Apple have planned for 2015… well, lawsuits apparently.

Shonda Rhimes, queen bee of TV drama, Social TV, Hollywood… everything! But why? This is a great read by Vulture.com

Ever heard of Seven Deadly Sins? Well Power To The Pixel brings you an exclusive look into the collaborative project by the Guardian and NFB Canada.

We’re quite big on comic books recently here at Bellyfeel, so this article about the history of comic book censorship really caught our eye. Thank God we lost all our morals along the way eh?

Can’t say this surprises me at all… The Interview has sold over $15m online.


“On the Facebook side, connecting with the fans, I think, holds a lot more value, holds a lot more sway and it’s just… fun” – Steven Amell


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