2015 Technology Predictions and It’s Agent Carter vs Gotham in Social TV

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupLet start this BRU off right… With some Marvel vs. DC in a Social TV stand off. I have to say, Agent Carter may just take it for me.

But there’s more… some Doctor Who Social TV action too… be warned of spoilers.

Finally let’s round off Social TV this week with 6 trends that are redefining the way we watch television, according to Mashable.com

This is a cool article from medium.com, thats tries to explain the teen obsession with YouTube.

Speaking of teens and YouTube, remember our ‘actual teen post’ from last week? Well here’s part two.

And, given the last two posts, it would be a shame not to post this one too, the 1980 teenager’s view on Social Media… there, now you have the full set.

Time now to take a look at the 25 disruptive technology trends we can expect to see in 2015. Go ahead, see the future… you know you want to.

Moving onto predictions in the music industry , here’s a nice post from jonmaples.com ( I can’t argue with the apple prediction…)

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This is a cool advert… But feel a bit weird about watching it with a diet Coke in my hand…

Check out this interactive article. It’s a quite a nice read, very user friendly and the story itself is CRAZY (in a good way).

Google’s Niantic Labs is planning something big and Transmedia related behind closed doors with James Frey… the details are here.

Ever wondered what a novel made entirely out of  animated gifs looks like? It’s pretty dam cool. Presenting, Zach’s Haunted House, by Dennis Cooper.

In a similar vein, check out this interview with Oldrich Stibor on his new interactive, Transmedia book The Black Chronicle and the future of interactive books.

Is there such as thing as Big wisdom to Big data? Techcrunch.com seems to think so in this article.

This isn’t the first time Steve Jobs has been quoted in BRU, and it probably won’t be last, here are 8 great quotes from Jobs.

Ending with a bit ’o’ culture, here are 10 Idioms from around the world.


“This audience is not only free to change the channel, they are the channel.” – Brian Clark

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