The Future of Online Browsing and The First Oculus Rift Feature Film

Bellyfeel Weekly Roundup Let’s start with some long lost Doctor Who, say, the original version of ‘An Unearthly Child’?

Google have acknowledged a great change in online user habits, and decided to make Chrome much more mobile friendly.

But is this a good thing, is Google affecting our ability to think?

It’ been out for 2 weeks now, but Dragon Age Inquisition still has users exploring the MASSIVE interactive storyworld. A great list of other interactive games here too.

And it’s not just smart phone and tablet games that are on the rise, but artistic PlayStation games are making a come back.

Good news for obsessive gamers, the National Video game Arcade in Nottingham aims to prove that you’re not a sociopath… No, seriously.

Time for an infographic break… Happy Birthday Software.

Continuing… People now spend three hours a day on mobile devices, is the new statistic from, some more interesting data within.

And just to finish off this weeks facticals, here are 6 ways that social media is changing TV forever, according to

Getting back to everyone’s favorite podcast; check out the history of the music behind weekly audio drama ‘Serial’

Bad news for Twitter fans, who aren’t a fan of algorithmic filters, because their Twitter feed is gonna be ‘enhanced’ by them… soon.

My God, they’re getting smarter by the day. Introducing the notification network.

I really hope this gets the funding it’s after. ‘Hell Mountain’, the first feature horror film, shot entirely for the oculus rift.

Of course, even then, that doesn’t always make for a smooth aftermath in crowd-funded projects

Finally just for fun, check out this cool little video called The Phone Drop.


“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” – Steve Jobs

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