Coldplay’s Interactive Video and Cadbury on Social Media

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupIt’s been a while since we shared anything Game of Thrones, so check out this animated journey.

We’re all quite excited about Marco Polo, but how about a peek into Netflix’s own worldwide empire.

Interstellar just got the comic book treatment and fans can now learn of the story of Dr. Mann of the Lazarus missions.

Facebook is becoming the Internet’s ultimate content cannibal, check out how Facebook could control everything you experience online.

This is pretty cool, Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the World Wide Web and predictions of AI.

Of course, Prof. Steven Hawkins has his own predictions about AI.

But we are all of us human, even the artistic, genius film legends

In game related news, can video games actually help schizophrenics?

Check out this nice interview with Jason Rohrer creator of Sleep is Death as he talks about artistic games and interactive narrative.

And just because it’s cool, watch this live action Top Down Shooter.

Interactive video of the week goes to Coldplay and their interactive music video for “Ink”.

Interactivity in feature film, when did it stop becoming a concept and start becoming plausible… and what does it even mean?

Here are a few tips from Sonia Carter as she spills the beans on Cadbury’s remarkable success on Social Media

Speaking of Social Media, Prince is up to something again

Breaking for a quick update from the BBC Future Media’s briefing seems iPlayer is still at the top of the priorities list.

Ah the Internet of Things still great (but creepy) concept.

Well, TV has surly had an amazing year, it’s up it’s down, it’s alive it’s dead… Now kids aren’t even watching it (according to Ofcom anyway)

From Wi-Fi to digital badges, drones 3D Printing, check out the top 10 disruptive technologies in higher education

Well these pics suggest trouble if I’ve ever seen it…


“Remember that the future won’t just happen if we sit there and wait for it to happen, and you are the people who are actually going to make it happen“ – Sir. Tim Berners-Lee


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