The ‘Serial’ Phenomenon And More Social TV

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis podcast is only getter bigger and bigger; if you haven’t heard of ‘Serial’, then check out this great article.

Could it even be a global phenomenon?

MailChimp, certainly seems to think so, as the sole sponsor of ‘Serial’ found itself as one of the most successful marketing coups of the year.

Then again, there are always those who have doubts

Getting back to one of our favorite questions, can social media enhance TV advertising? break down the facts.

Some interesting Social TV updates in the recent Xbox One Update. Gotta love OTT platforms…

Big news for SnapChat, who are in negotiations with the likes of Comedy Central, Spotify and BuzzFeed, to release articles, music and video to users.

Ever wonder what the different is between being ‘Undiscovered’ and ‘Epic’ on social media? Forbes breaks down the social media journey required to reach epic status.

Some interesting Social Media Data here, as highlights how Facebook and Google are dominating media distribution.

And we’re back… TV’s golden age is (once again) OVER! See you next week, when it rises from the ashes (again).

Speaking of rising from the ashes, the TV remote control is already making its move.

YouTube’s Music Key could change the face of musical revenue… but will it?

Moving back onto Social TV, here’s a list of 6 ways that Social Media is changing the nature of TV. Nothing overly new here, but there are some nice quotes within.

This is kinda mind blowing… Ever wondered how big Email is? Well is on hand to find out…

Young Brits in Silicon Valley… What could possibly go wrong? At least we can all learn something from these case studies.

This is a great read, check out the social split between TV and film Dystopias.

Feeling inspired to create something? No, then read this never before seen piece by Isaac Asimov (even if you are feeling creative).

It’s guitar vs. iPhone in the battle for multi-touch interfaces. This is a great article to finish on as Chris Harrison introduces the idea of “Rich Touch



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