An Interview With Bryan Cranston and LOTS of Facticals

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking off with a little musical inspiration, check out these innovative album releases that are breaking the mould.

Fantastic talk by Mr. Iggy Pop at the BBC John Peel lecture.

In other audio related news, check out this cool pod-cast series ‘Serial’. It’s becoming a global obsession.

Bad news for fans of West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, as he has declared he’s done writing for TV.

David Fincher has stated that the best characters are found on TV… not film. He (of course) references Breaking Bad as an example.

Which leads on nicely to this hilarious interview with actor Bryan Cranston…

Beverly Hills film studio executives have spoken out against social media, stating that it has no impact on a films overall success

But what about Social TV? seems to think it’s building a time shift audience (some nice factical data within).

Nothing overly new here, but again, some nice factical data to mull over by

For any GTA V fans, here’s some more comparisons between Current and Next – Gen PlayStation footage. I’ve ordered mine, have you? – Lee.

Martin Scorsese has compiled a list of 39 foreign films for one lucky filmmaker. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy it.

This is cool, check out this #scriptchat twitter interview with Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez

The Internet is not harming us. Here is a great article by which describes the fear mongering around the Internet.

Plus that, the internet allows us to watch countless hours of content online… over five hours per week in fact; more great factical data here.

Ever heard of Ryan Hoover? Me neither. But he is a seriously rising star in the tech world. Check this out.

And for our final set of facticals we return to our old favorite argument ‘is the era of TV over?’

Lastly, check out this anonymous message to the BBC… *Dum Dum Dum*…


“When [my face is] void of emotion… I scare little children” – Bryan Cranston


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