The Assassins Creed Curriculum and Adam Sandler on Netflix

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking off with a bit of controversy, Peter Thiel explains why he feels technology stalled in 1970, barely improving our lives at all since.

Time to sneak a peak behind the curtain and check out hidden world of Facebook “Like Farms”. This is fascinating (and quite creepy)…

Ever wondered which overlooked social media marketing tools come with hidden superpowers? Well are on hand with three belters!

While on the topic of Superheroes, check out the 5 lessons that Guardians of the Galaxy is teaching Hollywood.

This isn’t exactly news, but it’s still interesting that people worry about it

Check out this interesting article by, which suggest that the future of the web is as much about psychology as it is about technology.

“Big Data” the term that no one can seem to agree on, so here are 40 definitions.

Now it’s time to use “Big Data” on the UK video games Industry.

On gaming news, Endemol is planning to launch it’s own gaming channel on YouTube.

It seems that gaming can also have quite the upside in historic education, here, assesses the “Assassin’s Creed Curriculum”.

This looks exciting, what you do get when you combine Sci-Fi literature and Videogames… “Bedlam”.

Jake Price attempts to answer the impossible question… “What is the future of storytelling?” With his online documentary ‘Unknown Spring’.

But what about the music industry, how is that making history? Here’s how

For all you interactive storytellers out there, Ingrid Kopp talks interactive narrative in this pretty cool interview.

Oh this can’t be good, but hey, Netflix knows what people want… Right?

Forwards with our ongoing debate about the future of TV the model (now it’s broken again).

This is ace… I’ll never look at the London Underground the same way again.


 “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters” Peter Thiel

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