What Do The Printer Of Doom and The Secret of Life Have In Common?

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThey both contain video games!

Firstly, check out this article in which a 106-year-old man reveals the secret to longer life.

Fantastic read about the future of the HALO franchise and 343’s plans for their multi-billion dollar baby. (I CANNOT wait for Nightfall– Lee.

From Halo to Minecraft, check out the reasoning behind Microsoft’s minor investment in Mojang.

This is hilarious! I hereby declare this machine to be “The printer of Doom

Almost seems remedial by todays standards but these shows certainly paved a way into what we now know and love about Social TV.

Sons of Anarchy are also apparently killing it on Social TV according to lostremote.com.

Can Transmedia exploit children’s stories for commercial gain? Natalia Kucirkova certainly thinks so. Check out this interesting article on theconversation.com

So… First it was the TV industry that was in danger (enter Social TV). But now it’s the film industry’s turn to face the music

What do the experts have to say about the change in the film industry?

Well VFX legend Douglas Trumbull has his own ideas about how to save the film industry… and I’m all for it!

The youth of today are distracted! They don’t pay atten…tion… to any… um… Hey Look! An infographic!

You want a statistic? You can’t handle the statistic! But if you can, here it is.

Those of you looking forward to Chris Nolan’s upcoming film “interstellar” be sure to check out the online promotional app game that allows you to create and explore you own solar systems.  Look pretty cool.

I tried this once. I was doing really well, until I checked my iPhone to see how long I had lasted…

What? Violent video games can have an UPSIDE for kids… I’ve been saying that for 18 years. Take that Mum!

Is Instagram the next great Ad network? Check out this cool article by medium.com to find out.

Fans of Stanley Kubrick step up, presenting… The Visual Poetry of S. Kubrick.


“Abandon all that crud that’s leftover from 1927. We’re in the digital age. Get with it!” – Douglas Trumbull  

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