The Internet of Things is Coming… Are You Ready?

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking off with some British pride, Doctor Who topped Pretty Little liars recently scoring a higher Social TV rating according to

Speaking of Social TV hits,, has high hopes for this little known show, maybe you’ve heard of it?

There has been lots of news around Social TV recently, including the recent appointment of Carlos Sanchez, formally of The Data Republic, to the role of director of Social TV at Kantar Media.

Check out this cool Google hangout with Jacob Shwirtz as he talks about Social TV and his future plans in the genre.

From Social TV to TV social experiments, Utopia, set to broadcast on Fox, is widely believed to be the “the largest most ambitious social experiment on TV”

Social Gamers will be happy to hear that the Xbox One has plans to increase TV and Social features, including Digital TV tuner and Threaded Messages. Find out more here

Check out this ACE article about the future of video games and their role within Transmedia. Well worth the read!

On a similar note, this has Lee in the office VERY excited, move aside Defiance, there’s a new game in town

Do you remember Sierra adventure games, here is a great article by Laura Hudson at Wired, which explains the significance of King’s Quest and takes you on a very nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The border between games for entertainment and financial gain has always been something of a grey area, but is it staring to have an effect on the rest of us, this article by attempts to shed light on the issue.

There is an epic battle happening in the music industry, and streaming is the cause, who will reign supreme in the online music space?

Fear not, TV lovers, for “cancellation” is but a word, online revival is the future…

The Internet of Things is coming, but what will it look like by 2025? This slideshare reveals the most popular predications, good and bad…

Are you ready for the “Internet slowdown” the war with ISP’s is set to commence on 10th of September, check out this article for more information.

So, it appears that TV isn’t dying a horrible death, but apparently scheduled TV is… At least that was the consensus at the 2014 Edinburgh festival. I’m not entirely sold, but you can make up your own opinions.

To wrap up this week, enjoy these amazing shots from Hong Kong which guarantee to “expand your vertical horizons”


 “My cable guy said, ‘There’s your problem. A squirrel is chewing on your Internet.’” — Andrew Blum

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