Snowpiercer And The Future Of Online Film Distribution

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking off with some Social TV news, check out this interview with nscreenmedia and Roy Sekoff about the essence of Social TV.

If there is one example of a great Transmedia documentary, then Fort McMoney has got to be it.

Is the end nigh for theatrical documentaries? investigates the future of the big screen documentary.

On a similar note: video games fans, be sure to checkout this interview with Zak Penn and his 90-minute documentary entitled “Atari: Game Over”.

Minecraft once again makes it’s appearance in our weekly round-up, this time, by asking the question “What is the secret of Minecraft, and what is it’s challenge to the rest of us”?

Check out this interesting article by as they investigate the 5 common myths about the new era of publishing.

Fans of Twin Peaks will be pleased to know that an exclusive peek at “An Oral History of Twin Peaks” can be found here.

Dark days for the US film industry as Jeffrey Katzenberg lays down some hard truths…

For those of you who don’t yet know what Snowpiercer is, or why it’s making news, check out this article here about it’s brave distribution experiment.

For a much more detailed review of Snowpiercer check out this review from – be warned, spoilers within…

And it’s not just movies that are taking advantage of online premiers, but TV series as well.

Touching on our ever-popular debate of children and technology, it seems, over exposers to phones and TV can inhibit children socially making them less receptive to emotions… (This explains a lot about me – Lee)

Is technology shifting our moral compass? This cracking little video addresses this interesting question.

Ever wondered how HBO would market the rapture? Well fortunately thanks to the recently debuted show ‘The Leftovers’ we have an answer.

For those who appreciate beautiful photography should check out these amazing aerial reflections from above New York City.

And finally, to close today’s BRU, we give you a glimpse into legend, check out this great BTS of Goodfellas.

“There’s no such thing as simple.  Simple is hard” – Martin Scorsese

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