Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupHere at Bellyfeel we are always blown away by the creative masterpieces that people create block by block in Minecraft. So Game of Thrones get ready to wet yourselves. I present you to… Westeros Craft.

Here’s a great article about the ever popular “Kids and Videogames” debate, it seems playing video games for less then one hour a day can lead to better social skills

In a similar vain, this article details the fascinating study of frustration vs. violence in real life aggression. Well worth a read.

Fans of the game Second Life can rest easy knowing that despite being “stagnant for years” over a million fans still log into the game every day. What do they do? Find out here.

Here, Transmedia guru Christy Dena discusses pervasive gaming and it’s effect on 3D videogame Design.

Moving back to Minecraft… Redstone PC anyone?

Ever wondered what “You have GOT to see that on the big screen” meant? Well “The Dissolve” has you covered with this interesting article.

Speaking of cinema, check out this quick post, which lists filmmaking legend, David Fincher’s top 26 films.

Now a lesson from a master, this post addresses a very influential essay written by Martin Scorsese’s about the effect of visual literacy.

Creative collaboration on any project is tough especially with a constantly changing Rota. However Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is on the case in this interview with

Which moves us nicely back to Minecraft… the Breaking Bad way.

Despite being a few years old now, this speech is still absolutely worth sharing, if there is one person who understands audiences… it’s Kevin Spacey.

Ever wondered why big TV broadcasters make such mediocre multi-platform experiences? Well has the answer.

Sometime you can’t help but stand back and just admire something… This is one of those times.

And here is another one. I have to get creative with my GoPro… EAGLE!!!

Are YOU a Facebook Spoiler, check out the latest craze that’s enraging the nation…

Do you know what motivates online users these days? Oh… Well check this out anyway. Smart Ass.

And finally, we finish back on Minecraft, and this one is truly something special… Fans of Star Wars step forward.


“Give people what they want, when the want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price and they’ll be more likely pay for it rather than steal it.” Kevin Spacey 

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