Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram All Face Off in Today’s Social TV Main Event

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupRound 1… *Ding Ding Ding*

In the Red Corner we have Pinterest. In the Blue Corner we have Instagram… Go to War! (Lots of interesting social media facts here).

Check out this slideshare presented at ARF Audience Measurement, which suggests ways marketers, can capitalize from Social TV.

And this study published in Journal of the American Heart Association highlights the overlooked issues of binge watching and how this could lead to premature death. (Well I’m Screwed – Lee)

Halle Berry has been experiencing her share of Social TV buzz recently as her recently debuted show Extant, performed well on Twitter during the pilot. (Some more fun infographic social media data)

However it seems that Facebook is not prepared to roll over and give in, as a recent social TV campaign surrounding HBO’s final season of True Blood, heavily utilising Facebook could go down as one of the most successful ever.

With the Emmys fast approaching, here is nice break down of the some of the top social TV shows and actors who are in the in the running, brought to you via

In Transmedia news, industry leader Pemberley Digital has recently tied in a real-life charity event into it’s increasingly popular YouTube series, “Emma Approved”.

Fans of the Bad Motherfu**er music video and Russian director Ilya Nasishuller will be pleased to here that his new action movie Hardcore, has been described as the ‘future of action’. Read this interview with star actor Sharlto Copley to find out more.

While on the topic of warring Social Media Sites, check out this interesting interview by TIME with the creators of controversial social networking site

As promised here are more updates in the highly anticipated “Better Call Saul” including, cast, timelines and more pictures.

While on the topic of TV news, here are some exciting plans by HBO surrounding their flagship shows, Game of Thrones and True Detective.

And finally in this Bellyfeel RoundUp’s epic social media stand off, Facebook tries to land an uppercut to the competition by trying to be a TV channel and reveling it’s own mobile video app *… So who’s the winner of this battle?

You decide.


“Life should be like a good Tweet – short, pithy, convey a message and inspire others to follow.” – Ashok Kallarakkal



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