Facebook is toying with your emotions, the tweet that took 45 days to plan and Paul Greengrass

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupIt seems Pretty Little Liars has officially turned Twitter into the online water cooler. Is there anything that show won’t do on Social Media?

We all know the second screen is the ‘in thing’ right now, however Offerpop take this a step further and break down the second screen at their recent social TV panel.

Recent data suggests that Facebook is the social network of choice for 75% of TV multi-taskers.

However, this isn’t slowing Twitter Down. Check this article by mediapost.com about how Twitter is impacting TV. Can’t we all just tweet along?

Who said Tweeting was simple? Check out this unbelievable 45 day planning process to send out a single Tweet!

While on the topic of Social Media, Facebook have made news recently by toying with peoples emotions… you know… for science.

For all those who worry about the death of TV, don’t. This article examines the current TV industry and the viewing habits of millennial viewers.

In other Social TV news, seems that Fargo has become the next big show in Social TV, and not just for the fans.

Loosely connecting to our ever popular (albeit slightly controversial) naked wrester article, the WWE has recently won 3 awards for their use of Social TV.

For any directors out there, this talk by Paul Greengrass is incredibly inspiring, a must watch!

The Vikings go interactive! Watch this very cool Transmedia, ultimate reality experience on History.com.

Fans of Damon Lindelof can sleep easy knowing, his new show, The Leftovers, begins with an unexplainable, potentially supernatural incident, very little in the way of answers and an incredibly dark plot… I can’t wait!!!

And finally, in a long waited update, Producer Peter Gould has revealed that ‘Better Call Saul‘ may bring back Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.


“It’s making the film that counts – your own personal journey towards self-knowledge” – Paul Greengrass 

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