All Go For Tablets And Games This Week with A Guest Appearance From Slenderman

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis Roundup of all things interactive and social kicks off with some epic World Cup Social Media stats. Social TV at it’s best!

Although these stats are hardly surprising given the number of tablets rising in the UK alone.

Maybe it’s just time to accept that these kinds of devices are no longer secondary, at all and in fact just another part of the primary TV experience.

Take cross-media company Screenz for example, who have just announced $5 million in funding to develop immersive and interactive second screen experiences.

However, it seems that Big Brother and Pretty Little Liars are leading the way in Second Screen engagement according to this report.

And finally check out this American, hit morning show and their plans to leverage social TV with The Social Media Set.

Naughty Dog’s ground breaking game The Last Of Us, has seen it’s fair share of criticism, naming it nothing more then a ‘movie game’. Check out this article on who attempt to address this argument.

In slightly related criticism. Last of Us lead female Ashley Johnson has spoken out against Ubisoft’s lack of female characters in Assassin’s Creed unity.

Android and Google play have also been hard at work devices new and exciting way to create multi-player mobile game experiences.

Bad news for Xbox entertainment studios who have already discontinued plans to create Xbox original content. (Don’t worry; Halo is still in production – Lee)

And Finally, for any Next Gen players/ GTA fans out there, here’s a comparison of the two version of the open world games… “Shut up and take my money!”

Check out this fantastic interview with the creators of House of Cards about how they get away with graphic content and villainous characters that would NEVER have been accepted a generation ago.

For any fans of James Franco, here’s his top summer movie list. What can I say? The Man knows movies…

He’s watching you… Here’s a history of the Internets most iconic supernatural being

And finally leaving with something creative, here’s a list 28 works of art in the form of literary graffiti.


“You can discover more about a person during an hour of play then in a year of conversation” – Plato. 

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