Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThe World Cup is now in full swing, and it seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing an England flag, waving, hanging or dangling from somewhere (although that will change very soon)…

To kick off, check out this amazing real time, Geo-tagged Tweet app for a recent game between Brazil and Mexico.

Also, here are a selection of fascinating (and very pretty) infographics highlighting social media and the World Cup.

In gaming news, Xbox One owners have discovered a problem when watching the official Xbox One Advert… “Breaking Xbox”… Anyone?

Ubisoft has also stated its intentions to become more then just a game company, but wishes to create franchises with the sole purpose of expanding into other areas.

Breaking Bad continues to hold ground, as reveal the TV season’s biggest moments on Twitter.

There’s the half time whistle. So check out how Univision is rolling out new, on-air tools to bring Facebook conversation and Instagram photos to broadcast in real-time during the World Cup.

Second half kicks off with nice little article by as they attempt to define Transmedia Storytelling and the rise in popularity of social media.

It seems Transmedia isn’t just for entertainment anymore but for education too. Check out how this American School teacher encouraged his class to translate poetry into Transmedia.

Its official Game of Thrones is HBO’s most watched show!

Did you know that 92% of millennial now turn to their second screen while watching TV? Read the full article here

If that wasn’t enough to scare you, here videology attempts to break down the millennial viewer and uncover how they consume TV.

Here’s a list of the most destructive smart phone habits… How many do you suffer from?

Finally, just for fun, here are a collection of classic horror posters that have been re-imagined by artists, my favorite is Ghost Busters, what is yours?

And there’s the full time whistle. Time to finish up this match by reading David Beck’s Twitter chat (from Univision), as explains the relationship between The World Cup and Social TV.


“Football is a simple game: 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win!” – Gary Lineker

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