The Invasion Begins (Event TV – Part Four)

FireflySo… The Internet had declared TV war, and every TV set in the country was fighting for the attention of the viewers.

Networks began to create websites and fan-forums for viewers to discuss what was on TV, guides became digital and soon enough, so did episodic clips.

News stations were the first to go, what were once proud, 24/7 news stations created websites and delivered online newsfeeds around the clock emailing updates and emails. People didn’t need to turn on the news when they got home at night; they had already seen it on their (now portable) computers… the “Lap. Top”, and even more concerning, their flip phones now seemed have minor Internet connections.

Sure, Human’s would flock around the TV for the MAJOR news events (worldwide disasters mostly) and events like the Olympics or the Superbowl always brought in views, however it wasn’t enough…

Even popular Television shows were going online!

World Wresting Franchises and other ‘live’ sporting events began to upload clips, results and interviews with the athletes online. It was bad enough viewers were distracted while watching TV, but now they had no reason to watch them at all!

However, in the interest of sportsmanship, I only feel it appropriate to thank both the Human population, and even the Internet, for their valiant efforts to resurrect Firefly.

If ever there was one event where TV, Human, and Computer stood shoulder to shoulder, as brothers for the common good… Firefly was it.

And you know how that one ends…

The golden age of Event TV, it seemed, was over. The Internet was gathering more and more steam, and the Humans couldn’t get enough.

Online TV viewing was about to explode and there was one website in particular that had it’s finger on the trigger…



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