Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupKicking off with a fab article by renowned Transmedia producer Nuno Bernardo on how Storytelling is a Social Experience.

Check out this article by which describes ABC show runner Shonda Rhimes as “one of the great storytellers of our time” – Well worth a read.

Are you fan of writing Crime Stories? Then read these five lessons of creativity and crime writing by Jo Nesbø

If there’s one form of storytelling that is HUGE right now, it’s innovating the ‘choose your own adventure’ writing model. Mike Vogel has done just that with his own ‘Tweet Your Own Adventure” Story.

In Social TV news, breaks down the top 10 Social TV shows in Canada (via Infograph)

Great News! Now YOU TOO can die horrifically in George. R. R. Martin’s epic Storyworld ‘Westeros’. (This makes Lee Very Happy)

Here is a great article describing the evolution of storytelling in video games from ‘Metroid’ to ‘Journey’ a must read for any gamer.

What is a story without its characters? This article by Forbes details the issue with next gen games.

In slightly related news, edge-online reviews new Hollywood blockbuster ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and the growing overlap between cinema and videogames

Here is an interesting article on the sudden cancellation of MMO game World of Darkness after 9 years of development.

Do you like Football? Do you Like Twitter and Hashtags? Then check out Twitter’s latest experiment, the Hashflag!

This Infograph by highlights the rise of connected TV and media consumption habits in the USA.

In another Infograph special, check out the evolution of the Internet in Map Form (this is fascinating)

…This blew my mind; watch this genius safety announcement by Volkswagen

And finally, here’s an entertaining article from which looks at how the good folks from 100 years ago, thought we’d be living today… oh how things change…


“The shortest distance between a human being and the truth… is a story.” – Anthony de Mello

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