Watchdogs, X-Men, Netflix and… Danny Dyer? (Must be a BRU)

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupWelcome to Bellyfeel Round Up  number 13 – unlucky for some, as seen with this hilarious Hashtag failure from right wing political party Ukip and #WhyImVotingUkip

But not so unlucky for others… If you haven’t done so already here check out this years BAFTA winners here.

In Social TV news, Nielson explains that nearly 1 billion tweets about TV shows were tweeted in 2013.

In more good news, Ubisoft’s ‘Watchdogs’ was released today, and we couldn’t be more excited! So here’s everything you need to know in 3 minutes

It seems live theater has been taking cues from this style of immersive video gaming experience by creating more and more immersive live performances

While on the subject of video games, here is a great list of Star Wars Easter Eggs that have appeared in popular games… I knew about half of them… how many have you spotted?

And finally in game news Ryan Payton (of Metal Gear Solid and Halo 4) expresses his concerns for the future of video game narrative.

In it’s never ending mission to change the way we view TV forever, Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer explains what TV will look like in 2025.

Seemingly in agreement with Netflix’s prediction is ‘’ who breaks down millennial TV habits in this great little post.

We’re not shy here at Bellyfeel to express our love the smartphone (and it’s importance in modern day interactive media) but, as Wire explains, it’s not all iPhones and HTCs people

Here are a few quick tips from legendary editor Thelma Schoonmaker a must read for any film editor.

These guys certainly didn’t have any trouble staying in the lines as kids; check out how a group of artists managed to make the X-Men even more awesome!

And finally to wrap up this week, I leave you with the inspirational (and may I say heart warming) words of wisdom from Danny Dyer


“Don’t let the slags get in ya nut. Send ‘em my way I love a bit of troll hunting” – (Sir) Danny Dyer.

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