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Marvel fans of the world rejoice, for they have done it again. And this time they’re working with Netflix! Four new heroes, four new shows and collected mini series all streamed right to your PC… I always knew something good would come from Agents of Shield. Thanks Joss Whedon!

Second Screening is still gaining momentum in Social TV and this article by Lost Remote highlights why second screen, is essential to drawing in a younger TV news viewer.

More on the popular second screen movie gimmick “App” as Indiewire breaks down the synced film experience in this “App” review.

While on the subject of second screen and synced content here is a list of 6 great shows that have included a synced app content. How many have you experienced?

Check out this inspiring interview with Pixar Co-founder Ed Catmull as he discusses the importance of making mistakes why the key to ground-breaking creative success comes from a developing a Fearless Culture – Inspiring stuff!

In a similar creative note, check out this short 1968 documentary from iconic graphic designer Saul Bass on “Why Man Creates”, humorous and thought provoking – it also won an Oscar. See it here

Mills and Boon goes digital after more then a century! Launching it’s new social media storytelling platform The Chatfield and in interactive story “The Lowdown”.

Ah, Social Media, the format where everyone gets along, respects one another and disagreements are resolved with calm discussion and integrity… PSYCH. Here’s 45 ways to burn someone online… have fun!

Do you watch Game of Thrones… of course you do. But do you watch Game of Thrones legally? GoT is the most pirated show on TV and here are some very interesting opinions on how this has effected HBO’s ground breaking ‘free to play’ show.

In crowd funding news, KickStarter’s CEO Yancey Strickler talks about freedom of easily opening up funnels to a project and how some things are just more important then money.

In Filmmaker news veteran film director Terence Davis takes a stand against the ever increasing amount of Digital based productions by shooting his latest film ‘Sunset Song’ on 65mm.

Roman Mars, of the successful pod cast series 99% Invincible reveals all in this interview with describes his secrets to irresistible storytelling.

Do you like House of Cards/Kevin Spacey? Do you like Call of Duty? Do you like pure adrenalin adventures with high tech gadgets and weapons? Then stop reading and click the link!!


“People love a happy ending. So every episode, I will explain once again that I don’t like people. And then Mal will shoot someone. Someone we like. And their puppy.” – Joss Whedon

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