It’s Back! (Did it ever go away?) It’s more Social TV!

Bellyfeel Weekly Roundup

Maintaining mass audience engagement throughout a TV show is never easy. But NBC’s The Voice has cracked the code to become the most tweeted Live Show in history.

However it’s not just Live talent shows that generate social TV buzz. Sport, as explained by, is just as focused in driving audience engagement across multiple screens. understand just how important Twitter’s TV audience is for ANY TV show, and have released a great article here ; some great stats and figures to check out.

In this week’s Gaming news, dive into the most innovative games of 2014. A must read or any gamer!  

Also, raise a few good points in this nice little article about the politics of video games.

It’s not all about violence and death! Check out how Grand Theft Auto Subreddit is a communal Art-Making Machine. My Personal favorite has to be North by Northwest.

Here is a game we are all VERY excited about here in the office. The last in the Arkham Series; Arkham Knight. See the trailer here.

Do you follow your favorite TV celebrities online? Do you tweet them? Do they tweet back? No? Well here’s a list of the ones who do… And another one!

It’s common knowledge that Twitter and Facebook both play a major role in Social TV, however, where exactly do they fit into it? Lost Remote answers that question here.

Download this great report from in which they discuss digital storytelling for social impact in the areas of entertainment media and news, brand strategy, technology and more.

And finally if you’re into comic books, superhero movies or just a fan of (may I say) fantastic TV shows like Arrow or Agent’s of S.H.E.I.L.D, then I have some great trailers for you; if you haven’t already, check out the new:

Batman Prequel: Gotham and Arrow inspired show: The Flash


“You are what you share” – C.W. Leadbeater 

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