When You Play The Game Of Social TV, You Either Win Or You Die

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupAnd oh boy has Game of Thrones taken this to heart…

Canal+ has teamed with Transmedia Storyteller to create a truly immersive Transmedia experience through Conducttr and Twitter in Spain, a must play for any GOT fan.

Sky have also jumped on the GOT bandwagon in New Zealand with their own Twitter Campaign ‘Topple Game of Thrones King Joffrey’, another fantastic use of Social TV to drive buzz for the upcoming series 4.

Not quite Social TV but still worth a mention was GOT immensely successful (and immersive) Oculus Rift Exhibit at SxSW this year.

Oculus Rift, however, has come under some scrutiny from its kick-starter backers recently. Here is a lesson in how to keep your backers happy in this week’s crowd funding news.

Social TV platform Buzzdial aim to provide a clear way to grow TV audiences audience participation, all through the touch a button. Hit this button to find out how.

The Twitter community has given life to ‘dead’ show Twin Peeks as fan made, transmedia content has begun circling the Internet proving an unofficial new season-of-sorts to fans online.

Here is a great list of Six TV shows that have incorporated social media to increase the audience experience. My personal favourite is Person of Interest.

In gaming news, is seems that for children, gaming is healthier then television, at least that’s what Michael Byrne at Motherboard.com is suggesting. Also, be sure to check out Bellyfeel’s recent blog post on young children and tablet games, and express your own opinions on the subject.

From the future to the past in this great little documentary showcasing the history of cutting and soviet theory of montage.

Finally for any who DO use the small, somewhat unknown social media programme that is Twitter (I think I may have mentioned it…) here are 18 things not to do on Twitter – according to vitamintalent.com

See you next week.

“Every time HBO releases a new piece of information or photograph, the blogs explode with excitement.” – George R.R Martin 

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