Transmedia Manchester Meetup #02 – The Difficult 2nd Album Transmedia Scenario (and How To Avoid It!)

Transmedia Manchester

Our 2nd Transmedia Manchester Meetup is on 8th April 2014 – 6pm till 8pm @ 2022 :

The Basement
20 Dale Street
Manchester M1 1EZ

(Disabled access is available but please contact us in advance)

This Meetup will feature:

  • A Transmedia Showcase
  • Why is the 2nd Transmedia album the hardest?
  • An introduction to Social Media and TV
  • An all new Transmedia story “The Black Echo”!
  • The chance to pitch your own Transmedia story – and get it made for the next Meetup
  • An international guest via Skype (TBC)

Plus drinks and conversation.

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Transmedia Story

If you didn’t get chance to experience the Transmedia Story from our last Meetup: CAM then go here to get it…

Transmedia Manchester Agenda:

This group is for you if you love what new technology is doing for stories.

  • Discover, explore and debate new types of interactive and multiplatform storytelling
  • Showcase new work
  • Feature expert practitioners speaking from around the world

Come to Transmedia Manchester Meetup and see the future of storytelling unfold before your eyes!


Sponsored by Bellyfeel and Conducttr.

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