Permission to Use Your Phone in The Cinema

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupDutch thriller “App” encourages audience to sync their phones to the film in order to expand the story! Finally, an excuse to smirk back at those pesky “shhhh’ers”!


We’re not shy when it comes to showing our support about Second Screen here at Bellyfeel, here is a great article chronicling the evolution of the companion screen.

Here’s a great article by the Wall Street Journal, who, in light of the recent Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Announcements, explain how Movies are only part of a story – Well worth a read!

Looking much more closely at this year’s 5 Storyscapes finalists was who attempted answer the question “Can Interactive Films Hit the Emotional Mark?”

The ability to deliver a truly compelling story arc across multiple interconnected films and television shows isn’t easy to attain… Some may even say it’s a superpower… Fortunately The Avengers are on hand to show you how!

Now how about some “Real Superhero” advice? Here are the top ten TED Talks on Storytelling and Filmmaking, as told by some of the most iconic names in the industry…

And the tips don’t stop there, as Dave Turner gives six very simple (and very effective) way to build an online audience for your story. Some GREAT stuff here!

It wouldn’t be a BRU if we didn’t mention the magical Game of Thrones at least once. So, without further ado, check out how HBO mastered the game of Social Media here

Another show, which has found its place among the social universe, is the (recently resurrected) TV show Twin Peaks. Check out this fan made website/ continuation of the story, entitled “”

While on the subject of social media… Surely no one can rival the all-powerful Twitter in Social TV… Or can they?

And finally, just in case (like me) you are still reeling over the loss of True Detective series one, here is a useful list of the 5 shows you should be watching to soften the blow… But remember…


“Death created time to grow the things that it would kill.” – Rust Cohle

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