Not for the Young – or Faint of Heart

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupSo, first question of the day.

Do you consider yourself OLD?

Second question, do you use the term “Transmedia?”

Click here to find out why I ask…


It seems fitting then that learning opportunities are being expanded with Transmedia across schools in the USA.

Sometimes you can’t help but be inspired by a good ol’ success story. Fortunately Bernie Su, of the Emmy winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries is on hand to teach us a thing or two, including why transmedia stories are winning the Internet.

SecondSync have released a FANTASTIC report about TV-related interactions on Facebook entitled ‘ Watching with Friends’. This is well worth a read!

We all love a nostalgic timeline, so here’s a quick history of the BBC and it’s love affair with Social Media.

Video Service Providers go under the microscope. This report from Business Insider, explains the Online Video Ecosystem and attempts to uncover Who Holds The Real Power In Video Streaming?

In other news, Amazon has launched its own streaming service called Amazon Fire TV. Finally! A way to stream shows from online libraries like never befor… Oh Wait.!

Also, bridging the gap into Gaming, Amazon Fire TV doubles as a gaming console. Finally! A way to play games online like never befor… Oh Wait.!

Great news for mid-level media companies in UK and Europe as new fund Station 12 aims to raise £150m to help firms through the ‘Valley of Death’.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; building a Storyworld for your Transmedia/ Interactive projects is CRUCIAL. Here is a great to-do list from the ever wise Ted Hope on how to build an interactive Storyworld.

And finally just for fun, here’s a great looking ARG to keep an eye on. Looks like it could be interesting…


Until Next Time


“Transmedia is a word for Old People” – Typical Teenager.  

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