Is True Detective Dangerous To Your Health?

True Detective and Interactive

Do you know the good years when you’re in them? Or do you just wait for them, until you get ass cancer and realise that the good years came and went?


True Detective has some smart insights into the human condition but the quote above from Woody Harrelson’s character is the one that stayed with me the longest.

You have to remember I’m 45, male and worry a bit about ass cancer – so you can see the link there…

Did you see True Detective?

It’s like…

A Cross Between Between Twin Peaks And Wiseblood

The best scene I think has to be the final 6 minute shot in episode 4: Who Goes There?

It was a bit like watching an amazing video game that someone else was playing. I wanted to grab the controller and help the guys on-screen.

Totally nerve-racking and tense in a great way.

Make sure you see it!

But as an example for interactive Transmedia, True Detective wasn’t up to much officially…

Interactive True Detective

The Facebook page was poor – full of images and quotes that were nice but didn’t add much to the experience.

(It’s rather telling that there have been nearly as many signups to the Facebook page SINCE the series finished as they had before. The show is picking up huge momentum globally through word of mouth and the illicit pirate torrent back channel.)

The actual website for the show is really nice though – and for once the TV company has made it nice for mobiles – whoop!

And if you’ve watched the show all the way through – you will like the very organic Twitter activity – fans have appropriated a hashtag to give their amusing suggestions for season 2’s casting dilemma: #TrueDetectiveSeason2

Really funny!

And here’s an unofficial infographic about True Detective series 1 (contains spoilers!)

So here endeth the True Detective case study.


Hope you like the show too – as a piece of TV it’s a work of art that you really should see.

Why green ears?

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