What do Binge Viewing, Groucho Marx and Noir Films all have in common?

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThey’re all featured in our new weekly round up of News and Ideas from around the Web.

Let’s start with a great article by Larry Magid on House of Cards Series 2, Confessions Of A Binge Viewer. (He’s a great writer and pundit so check out his other articles too)

Power to the Pixel are running Pixel Lab again this year – this is a great scheme and chance to really learn a lot in a short time about Transmedia creativity and business. Apply Here

On renowned indie film producer Ted Hope’s blog there a smart article about Transmedia by Charles Peirce that you really should read (though it may confuse the hell out of you…)

A film we’re very much looking forward to about the early UK Video Games scene is Bedrooms to Billions – you can still buy a prerelease copy to help them crowdfund completion if you want..?

The internet is full of great lists so when we find one about something we love dearly it’s time to share… 25 Noir Films That Stand the Test Of Time


Closer to home…

Krish from Bellyfeel had 2 guest articles published recently:

Firstly on Transmedia Coalition: How To Recognise A Modern Transmedia Audience

And then on Transmedia Storyteller: 3 Transmedia Tactics for Creating Compelling Audience Experiences


That does it for this week – so go forth and create…


“These are my principles.  If you don’t like them I have others” – Groucho Marx

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