“Success Is Stumbling From Failure To Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

Bellyfeel Weekly RoundupThis Week: Video Game Addiction, Mental Illness, The Benefits of Failing and Kevin Spacey…Need I Say More?

Let’s jump straight in…

Are you addicted? Check out this article about Dong Nguyen and his reasons for pulling ‘Flappy Bird’ off the Android and Apple stores.

In other Apple news, it seems CEO Ted Cook is at it again, this time in secretly shaping the way we will consume future digital content. This is a fascinating little article for any digital downloaders.

They say the road to success is paved with failures, but this article by the BBC might just make it all worthwhile… (Now I just need to perfect imperfection)

Sticking with the themes of imperfections and video games: check out this great article on renowned video game creator Peter Molyneux. I dare anyone to say they haven’t felt something similar

Sometimes you find a project that just leaves you speechless. It simply has to be seen to be understood…  Road Dreams (this is a ‘love project’ at it’s best – wow!)

When the Internet’s ‘hottest actor right now’ shows an interest in multi-platform entertainment we sit and up and take notice! Read Kevin Spacey’s recent interview about his self distributed documentary Now: In the Wings of a World Stage.

Finally, here is an example of ‘a film that got it right’.  Check out how the guys behind Indie film Hybrid Vigour used Kick starter and Twitter to fully fund their film (and then some)…


That’s it for this week – bring us home Churchill…

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – W.C

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