Grab Your Pitchforks And Ipads, There’s A Media Monster Coming!

Bellyfeel Weekly Roundup…and its called Second Screen Media.

Second Screen is everywhere, and video game consoles seem to be at the head of the curve! Here is a great video from Microsoft, showcasing their Xbox Smart Glass

But wait, what about games? Well here is a list of the top 12 videogame companion apps, that every gamer must have. How many have you tried?

Ofcom have recently released a report called Assessing The Impact Of Second Screen – This is a fascinating (and comprehensive) report on the subject… Well worth a read!

In social media news, Bernie Su, a key player in the Emmy Award Winning transmedia project The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, explains the impact that Social media had on financing the production. (Some great insights here into the pros and cons of using social media within a large transmedia story)

The BBC has also revealed their top three social trends explaining how BBC News used these trends to become the leading social media publisher in the UK.

Building an audience for independent films has never been simple. But this report, by digitaldorr may just hold the answer. Spoiler alert… Andrea Palmer is a genius.

We all have our inspirations, something that captures our imagination, and drives us to achieve something magnificent. Even the pros do it. Here’s a list of 21 world-renowned cinematographers sharing the shots that inspired them the most.

On the subject of inspiration, here is fantastic article about Terence Winter (writer of The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire among others). Here, Terence explains the secrets to writing the perfect, flawed character. A must read for any writer!

In events news, Power to the Pixel has announced a call for submissions for     “The Pixel Lab”, the ultimate cross-media workshop, which should be of interest to any transmedia producers…

Finally, to wrap things up, check out this Q&A at TVOT NYC, about second screen media, the influence of broadcasters and predictions on the future of second screen media.


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― Friedrich Nietzsche


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