Don’t you wonder where all this new technology is taking us?

I have spent the last couple of months researching how technology has impacted the media industry. Things are still changing with no signs of a slowdown. I found some fascinating developments and have compiled a new report called “The Audience Is Revolting”. It’s full of data, analysis and actionable strategies for Film and TV producers, storytellers and business owners.

You can download it free from here:

The Audience Is Revolting – Bellyfeel State of the Media Report

The report provides forward thinking media producers with the knowledge and skills to leapfrog larger companies and pick the correct strategies to take their stories profitably onto new devices and platforms. So they can expand their audience and increase profits without paying crazy money to digital agencies or getting suckered by commissioners and distributors.

You will learn:

  • How the modern audience has changed
  • What potential revenue media producers are missing out on
  • Where the gap in the market is
  • How the downside of modern audience behaviour can be used to your advantage
  • What two essential core strategies you can put into action today

Download it here:

The Audience Is Revolting – Bellyfeel State of the Media Report


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