Wake Up And Smell The Change!

Every now and then we all have to just let it out – frustration, irritation, confusion and plain old anger – let it out in a blast of good old freestyle ranting. So here goes…

Establishments have a history of being resistant to change, maybe even afraid of it. It is because change poses a threat to the status quo that favours them in terms of Control and Power. After all they have spent time, energy and money into creating that status quo and naturally don’t want anything to threaten it.

Rock The Boat

I recently carried out some market research to find out a bit about how TV production companies were planning for a converged future – IPTV, transmedia, multiplatform delivery etc.

They say ignorance is bliss and maybe my inquiries threatened their blissful state, I don’t know, but reactions were surprising. As educators and informers we are trying to tell people what is happening and what we think they need to plan for to deal with it. We try and help people.

Missed Opportunities

Time and time again I got the same aloof attitude and response – “We get paid by broadcasters to make a TV programme, end of.” It seems that is all they have to do and all they want to do. No one was interested in the possibilities of transmedia and multiplatform content. It was a bit like encountering a group of ‘creative jobsworths’, which should be an oxymoron but unfortunately is not one in this case.

I suppose I can’t really blame them for this business-like approach but they are missing out on so many opportunities to get more from their product. Maybe the broadcasters who are the TV Establishment need to review and reform their whole Commissioner/Commissioning process and bring it in line with the changes that are happening as TV converges with digital technology and the internet.

The broadcasters need to start taking a few risks and commission more experimental transmedia elements to accompany their regular programme output like SyFy, Fox and others in the USA are doing.

I hope that clinging to the status quo doesn’t come back and bite them on the backside, I really do.

Richard Davis
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