Netflix Report Shows Strong Belief in a Radically Different Future for TV and Media

From a position of strength Netflix flex their muscles in a new report about the future of entertainment. This is really interesting stuff.

“Look at the bigger picture”
— Francis Underwood, House of Cards.

Grounded by their flagship IP ‘House of Cards’ (which is great btw) and the fact they have 33 million subscribers, they pull no punches about their successes, their strategy and their content.

Although their use of the term “Internet TV” to describe themselves seems strange, it’s always great to hear about a media company using A/B split testing!

Download the report from here.

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  1. Krish, was the report copy and pasted into the downloadable document you’ve provided here? Seems odd that such an official report would lack any official Netflix branding.

    1. Krish

      Hi Alice, I can’t fully vouch for the validity of the report. It’s a couple of years old. I got the link from another trade press article that I trusted enough to share here. I just did a search now and the report is still referenced by loads of other articles and some of the text is still used on the Netflix website. Best, Krish

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