Smells Like Storyworld – Alan Moore’s ‘Short Pieces’.

It sounds like genius comic book writer Alan Moore, (‘Watchmen’, ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘From Hell’), has moved into the world of transmedia storytelling with his latest multi-layered and multi-episode narrative entitled ‘Short Pieces’.

‘Short Pieces’ is a collaboration with photographer Mitch Jenkins and Moore. They plan to write and produce a series of short films that are to be “occult and noir flecked” in content. Two short films have already been made; ‘Act of Faith’ and ‘Jimmy’s End’.

The storyworld is the town of Northampton but with a noir twist. The town’s timeline of historical and fictional events will offer plenty of story content opportunities. A computer game has been devised as a plot element within the story and not just as an add-on extra. Other elements of the narrative include a feature film and a number of television series.

As Moore explains, “If we hear a song on the jukebox in one of the films, we have written that song ourselves. There is not a detail of this world we haven’t thought through already which I think makes this into quite an unusual project.”

Alan Moore – Welcome aboard the Storyworld Express!

It’s important that someone as influential as Moore is exploring transmedia storytelling. He commands a great deal of respect amongst traditional media-makers and continues to influence their work.

Click here to watch ‘Jimmy’s End’.


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