New Report about Multiplatform Strategy for TV Production Companies

We are pleased to announce the release of a new report from Bellyfeel: For Successful TV Production Companies Who Want Multiplatform Content to be Profitable.

The free report is available to download from here.

The report is based on a recent survey undertaken to scope UK TV production companies’ understanding and attitudes to Multiplatform, Transmedia and Extra Content. The report offers a simple and intelligent insight into how to make profitable engaging multiplatform content using what production companies already have in front of them in terms of resources and story IP.

Report Headlines:

  • Examines the current UK TV market and the problems that production companies experience creating additional content for their programmes outside the remit of a standard broadcast commission.
  • Proposes the use of Storyworld Development Techniques to maximise resources, improve opportunities and increase profit within existing IP.
  • Additional benefits are to create robust propositions for future business scenarios as the new platforms media market develops.
  • Example Storyworld Development Techniques are provided and further information can be requested.


A sample of the report can be seen here: Profitable_Multiplatform_Content_for_TV_REPORT_sample

The full free report is available to download from here.

About the author

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